3M 7500 Series Half Mask Facepiece

//3M 7500 Series Half Mask Facepiece

3M 7500 Series Half Mask Facepiece

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3M™ 7500 Series Respirators have set a new standard in comfort. The exhalation valve provides increased durability and is easy to keep clean. Reduced breathing resistance helps to minimise heat built-up in the mask and increases your comfort. Available in three sizes, all respirators have the 3M bayonet connection system allowing connection to a broad range of twin lightweight filters to protect against gases, vapours and particulates depending on your individual needs. The mask can also be used with the 3M™ Supplied-Air System SA-2000 for increased convenience and flexibility

The main features include:

  • Durable, reusable half face respirator with full maintenance program available.
  • Soft silicone material reduces pressure/ tension on face for added comfort during long periods of work.
  • Flexible System (gas / vapour and / or particulate filters plus Supplied-Air option).
  • Exhalation valve ensures easier breathing while reducing heat and moisture build-up. It also eliminates valve vibration for easier communication.
  • Downward direction of exhalation air reduces fogging when using grinding and welding shields.
  • Twin filter design provides lower breathing resistance, a more balanced fit, and improves field of vision.
  • New adjustable head harness and yoke design provides greater stability.
  • Easy and secure fitting with drop-down feature for added convenience.
  • Head harness designed to accommodate other PPE, including grinding or welding shields and the 3M Eyewear range.
  • Safe, secure bayonet filter attachment system with cost effective replacement filters.
  • Colour coded sizes for easier identification.
  • Nominal Face piece weight: 130-140 grams.

Part Numbers: 3 sizes

Standard: EN140
Approval: CE marked


The 7500 Series Respirators can be used with a variety of different filter options:

Gas and Vapour Filters only: The filters generally protect against either single or multiple contaminant type(s).

  • The 6000 Series filters fit directly onto the respirator except for the 6098 and 6099.

Particulate filters only: These filters provide protection against solid and non-volatile liquid particles.

  • The 2000 Series particulate filters fit directly onto the respirator.
  • The 6035 & 6038 are encapsulated P3 filters, which fit directly onto the respirator.

Combination of Gas & Vapour and Particulate filters:

  • The 5000 Series particulate filters can be used with 6000 Series Gas and Vapour filters using 501 retainers excluding the 6035, 6038, 6096, 6098 and 6099.
  • The 6096 has Particulate filter media integrated with the Gas and Vapour cartridge.
  • The 6038 is an encapsulated particulate filter with a layer of carbon for low capacity gas protection.

Supplied-Air mode: All filters can be used with SA-2100 Supplied Air Regulator except for the 5925, 6098 and 6099 filters.

Fitting Instructions

Standard Suspension

1. Adjust head cradle size to fit comfortably on head.
2. Place the respirator over the mouth and nose.
3. Pull the head harness over the crown of the head.

Drop Down Suspension

1. Adjust head harness on face piece as shown.
2. Adjust head cradle size to fit comfortably on head.
3. While holding head harness strap ends with one hand, slide the face piece up onto your face.

Both Types of Suspension

Take the bottom straps in both hands, place them at the back of the neck and hook them together.

Tighten the top straps first by pulling on ends to achieve a comfortable and secure fit as shown.

Tighten bottom straps using the rear adjustments (strap tension may be decreased by pushing out on back side of buckles).

Fitting 3M™ 7500 Series Reusable Respirators

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