3M Electrical Tapes Selection Guide

//3M Electrical Tapes Selection Guide

3M Electrical Tapes Selection Guide

Chapter 6

3M has been developing and manufacturing high performance, easy handling electrical tapes since the 1940s. The 3M Electrical Tapes range includes tapes for low and medium voltage insulating, colour coding, moisture sealing, padding, shaping, protective jacketing, bundling, and harnessing.

Technical Applications

  • Semi-conducting tape to reconstruct a medium voltage cable
  • Track resistant tapes for terminations
  • Fire retardant electric arc proofing tapes to protect cables from arcs and fires from nearby cable failures
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Taping Tips

To ensure the safest, most reliable use of PVC Electrical Tapes, always:


Apply tape with enough stretch to conform to the objects you’re wrapping. Be sure to let the last 50mm relax before tabbing it down to prevent unwinding (sometimes called “flagging”).


Wrap an irregular mechanical connector, such as a split bolt, with rubber or mastic tape to pad sharp edges, before overwrapping it with vinyl electrical tape.


Wrap tapered shapes “uphill” — that is, from the smallest to the largest point. This way you always secure the
previous layer.


Use the right tape for the right conditions. Vinyl tapes are rated for cold-weather application in two classes: 0°C and -18°C. Tapes formulated for high-temperature environments are typically rated 80°C or 105°C


Always use scissors or a knife to cut tape. If you must tear it by hand, then keep fingers close together when tearing tape. The farther apart they are, the more the tape will stretch before it tears.

Wrapping Tips

Type of Tape Number of Layers/Application Instructions
Vinyl Electrical
Jacketing and Mechanical Protection Always use a minimum of two half-lapped layers. The last
layer should be wrapped in a more relaxed manner – let
the last wrap relax to prevent the layer from flagging.
Rubber Tapes Electrical Insulation, Mechanical
Padding, Water Sealing and Shaping
Wrap tape tightly to achieve the watertight seal. Rubber
tapes are typically over wrapped with vinyl tape.
High Voltage Tapes Insulating and Semi-conductive
Apply outside of roll to the cable, in highly stretched
halflapped layers. Never use a semi-conductive tape as an
Mastic Compounds Insulating, Mechanical Padding,
Moisture Sealing and Shaping
Over wrapping with vinyl prevents mastic flow and helps
to create a watertight seal. Do not apply excessive
amount of mastic to prevent oozing.

Special Use Tapes

Product Name Product Description Thickness Temp.
Typical Applications
3M™ Scotchrap™
Corrosion Protection
Tape 50
All-weather performance and corrosion
resistance. Resistant to impact and
0.25mm 80°C Corrosion protection
on pipes, conduits,
fittings etc.
3M™ Temflex™ Cotton
Friction Tape 1755
High grade friction tape.
Good abrasion resistance
0.33mm 80°C Abrasion protection for
splices and connections.
3M™ Performance Plus
Duct Tape 8979
Six month clean removal duct tape.
Sunlight resistant, leaves behind no sticky
residue. Blue.
0.32mm 93°C Cap pipe ends and
conduit stored outdoors.
Hanging, sealing
poly drapes.
3M™ Cloth Tape 3939 Heavy duty duct tape; good adhesion,
strong backing. Silver
0.23mm 93°C Sealing heating
ventilation and air
conditioning ducts.
3M™ Utility Duct Tape
Utility duct tape with polyethylene coated
cloth backing with tacky rubber adhesive.
Silver and Black
0.15mm 50°C Sealing, holding,
Scotch® PVC Sealing and
Joining Tape 1352B
Stabilised & plasticised PVC flm coated
tape suitable for most light industrial
sealing & joining applications. Black
0.15mm 60°C Joining polythene
sheeting. Sealing air
ducts. Temporary
holding applications.
Tartan™ PVC Sealing and
Joining Tape 2352
Stabilised & plasticised soft PVC flm coated
tape with rubber-based pressure sensitive
adhesive, suitable for most light industrial
sealing & joining applications. Silver.
0.13mm 60°C Sealing air ducts.
Temporary holding
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