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TruONE® ATS from ABB
A critical breakthrough for critical power

The all-new TruONE® is the world’s first true purpose-built automatic transfer switch, engineered to incorporate switch and controller in one seamless unit.

Performance tested beyond standard requirements, TruONE® stands ready to ensure the steady delivery of critical power at all times. Its self-contained design reduces the number of wires and connections, which speeds installation and minimizes the potential for connection failures to ensure best-in-class reliability. Its predictive maintenance and modular components reduce downtime and service costs. And its advanced connectivity is ready for the future. In addition, unlike typical ATS solutions, TruONE® allows emergency manual operation under load for immediate power restoration in the event of an equipment malfunction.

TruONE® represents a major shift in engineering and a critical breakthrough for critical power.

The one ATS with all these advantages

Easy to Install
Reduces installation time by up to 80%.

Why waste time piecing together an ATS from multiple components and as many as 20 connection wires, not to mention the time spent testing? TruONE® is the first automatic transfer switch to put it all together, including the controller with detachable HMI. It can be installed with a single wire using standard enclosures.

Safety and Protection
Reduces risk of operator injury.

TruONE® enables emergency manual operation — even under load — without opening the panel door when the HMI is mounted to the ATS frame. The HMI can be detached from the frame for door mounting, offering more flexibility for the panel designer. Best of all, regardless of the HMI installation method, there’s no need for connecting dangerous line voltages to the door, so the risk of operator injury due to equipment malfunction is reduced.

Optimum Interface
Simplifies connectivity.

TruONE® features cloud-based connectivity through the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS). ABB Ability simplifies implementation and use of TruONE® in coordination with other ABB devices, ensuring one common user interface and one common software environment. Market-leading modular connectivity with seven communication protocols ensures easy installation and connectivity now and far into the future.

Even more advantages

Speed Up Your Project

Now you can speed up your project even more, thanks to TruONE® automatic commissioning capabilities. Pre-made configuration files can be uploaded from your PC to TruONE®, minimizing the risk of human error and reducing programming time by 80%.

Continuous Operation

TruONE® features predictive maintenance, self diagnostics and customer-replaceable critical modules to simplify service and significantly reduce downtime and service costs. Say goodbye to blinking lights and stopping motors. TruONE® provides a fast in-phase open transition of power, ensuring unnoticed generator use during business hours.

Energy Efficiency

Full compatibility with ABB AbilityTM EDCS allows data processing from the site’s electrical equipment to deliver analysis and make recommendations for optimizing the electrical system’s performance. This allows remote monitoring of plants, energy consumption and costs at a glance, making implementation of energy management strategies easier and faster.

Optimized Logistics

TruONE® features a wide voltage range from 200 to 480 VAC (with +/-20% tolerance), reducing the need to stock multiple SKUs, reducing inventory and saving space in the warehouse.

Space Saving

TruONE® features plug-in factory and field-mount accessorizing, so you don’t need extra space inside the panel. Even in the case of specialized customer needs, you can use standard cabinets.

Reliable in extreme conditions

You can be sure TruONE® exceeds standard requirements for performance and reliability to bring you dependable operation in even the most challenging electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions.

TruONE® is the only ATS to guarantee safe and reliable operation during dramatic variations in temperature (-25–+70°C) and voltage (200–480 VAC with +/-20% tolerance), and it’s tolerant of vibrations (acc. IEC 60068-2-6) and shocks (acc. IEC 60068-2-27). TruONE® also has true short-circuit resilience, able to take the hit and remain fully operational after exposure to even the most dangerous phenomena.

Site conditions can change due to unexpected situations, but the performance of TruONE® does not.


Installation of ATS in the panel and HMI on door - TruONE ATS

Manual and automatic operation - TruONE ATS

Installation of accessories - TruONETM ATS

TruONE® part number key

1. Automatic transfer switch
2. Embedded ATS control unit and mechanism
3. Detachable HMI unit, three types (Level 2 DIP, Level 3 LCD and Level 4 Touch)
4. Slide switch (Hand – Locking – AUTO) for selection of the operation mode
5. Padlocking the automatic transfer switch to prevent automatic and manual operation
6. Handle for manual operation
7. Position indication
8. Terminals for control circuit connections (behind the cover)
9. Place for connectivity modules (aux power supply, com and signaling)
10. Place for sensor module (with Level 4 controls)
11. Place for auxiliary contact block
12. Location of product identification label
13. Programming port, only for Ekip Programming module and Ekip Connect software

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