Peripheral Devices

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Support Software are integrated tools which help accomplish tasks from programming PLCs to setting Special I/O Units and getting networks started. Peripheral Devices such as Converters and Cables are also available.

Peripheral Devices Omron
CJ1W-CIF11 Omron


SYSMAC Option RS-422A Converter

The RS-232C port of the SYSMAC series can be changed into RS-422A/485 port.

NT-AL001 Omron


RS-232C/RS-422A Adapter

The NT-AL001 converts signals between RS-232C and RS-422A.

CS1W-CIF31 Omron


USB-Serial Conversion Cable

The CS1W-CIF31 USB-Serial Conversion Cable connects CS/CJ/CP Series, C Series, CVM1/CV Series of OMRON PLC (Programmable Controller) or PT (Programmable Terminal) to a personal computer’s USB port.

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