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Reducing power consumption saves money while promoting the health of our planet. The key to an environmentally sustainable business strategy lies in regulating energy usage, achieving energy efficiency, and leveraging a reliable physical infrastructure. Panduit power distribution, environmental, and connectivity hardware products do those things by improving availability, scalability, power, cooling efficiency, and product quality, which also minimizes network downtime and increases data center productivity.

Wire Termination

Expansion Modules & Accessories

Panduit expansion modules and accessories provide additional power inputs without consuming network ports. Take your power-management strategy to the next level by supporting up to 18 power distribution units or power monitoring devices, extending the number of PDUs that can be connected through a single IP address.


Circuit Board Accessories


Expansion Modules & Managers

Intelligent Connectivity & Accessories

Panduit intelligent connectivity and accessories give you the power to make intelligent choices. Our hardware assesses your mission-critical power infrastructure from every angle, putting you firmly in control of power quality, redundancy levels, and emergency backup.


Intelligent Connectivity Expansion Port Cables


Intelligent Connectivity Fiber Trays


Intelligent Connectivity Labels


Intelligent Connectivity Patch Cords


Intelligent Connectivity Patch Panel Kits


Intelligent Connectivity Patch Panels


Intelligent Connectivity Power Supplies

Intelligent Gateways

Give your intelligent gateway-enabled rack PDU system the ability to connect to your network with the unique Panduit gateway infrastructure topology. By consolidating the monitoring and management of connected rack PDU devices and other devices through a single IP address, you’ll greatly simplify your network.


Expansion Units


Intelligent Environmental, Power, & Access Gateways


Intelligent Environmental Gateways


Intelligent Environmental & Power Gateways

Intelligent Power Meters

Panduit clamp meters capture basic power consumption data from basic rack PDUs by attaching directly to the live power cable without causing service interruption. Zero–rack unit inline meters capture aggregate power from basic PDUs by quickly installing between rack PDU power plugs and their primary power source with minimal downtime. And the one-rack unit inline meters mount to the rack and capture aggregate power from two individual basic PDUs.


Intelligent 1RU Inline Meters


Intelligent Rack PDU Clamp Meters


Intelligent Zero-RU Inline Meters

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

How you deploy your PDUs makes a difference, both on the environment and on your bottom line. The Panduit power distribution unit offerings present you with a wide variety of options to customize your power profile. There are basic rack PDUs, including easy-to-mount vertical and horizontal power strips with built-in power meters and circuit breakers. Or you could opt for one of our intelligent rack PDUs, which are either network-enabled or gateway-enabled. Network-enabled rack PDUs feature remote switching capabilities to safely and efficiently manage and distribute power to installed equipment.

Gateway-enabled rack PDUs perform the same functions while employing a network gateway to provide local and remote monitoring of aggregate power and environmental and physical access data from a single IP address. The overall goal is to monitor and correct inefficiencies and reclaim underutilized power—doing that will reduce your costs and environmental footprint.


Basic Rack PDUs


Intelligent Gateway-Enabled PDUs


Intelligent Network-Enabled PDUs

PDU Power Cords

Don’t overlook the fundamentals. Energizing your active equipment in an efficient and reliable manner is a small but critical step in the process. Trust the wide selection of compatible standard and locking power cords from Panduit.


Power Cords

Environmental Sensors

Intelligent Door Module

Security Access & Control Devices

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


Environmental Sensors


Intelligent Door Module


Security Access & Control Devices


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)