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Panduit is a global leader in reliable wire termination solutions. That means easy identification, fast installation, and optimum conductivity to meet a wide variety of electrical applications. It also means gaining approval and certification from UL and CSA; being RoHS compliant, ABS approved, Class 1E nuclear rated, and DFARS252.225-7014 compliant; meeting military specifications MS25036 and MS20659; and being the first to meet Telcordia Technologies’ NEBS Level 3 requirements.

Wire Termination

Crimpers, Cutters, Strippers & Accessories

Panduit has recently introduced a new line of battery-powered installation tools that lead the industry in safety and reliability while being compatible with a unique notification software that provides statistical performance of all cycles, integrity of operation, and other tool metrics. Crimpers cut a variety of sizes, and some feature customized pockets closest to the pivot to reduce crimp effort for certain terminations. Cutters are designed with optimal force transmission ratio and stepwise cutting to allow for one-hand operation. Strippers feature a compact design and ergonomic shape for safe, comfortable use. And a sizable variety of accessories enhances the Panduit wire termination suite of products.


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Lugs, Splices, Split Bolts & Accessories

The substantial offering of Panduit lugs covers most configurations of hole, barrel, and tongue. Made from high-strength electrolytic copper to provide premium electrical and mechanical performance, each lug can take a wide range of wires, minimizing inventory requirements. As for splices, our two-set screw splice for use with copper code conductors is available with either swivel screws or an internal pressure plate. Similar to our lugs, each splice is cast from high-strength corrosion-resistant copper alloy with wide wire-range-taking capabilities. Panduit split bolts are made from high-strength bronze for heavy-duty connections and are tin-plated to inhibit corrosion and oxidation.


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Terminals & Terminal Kits

Panduit terminals are designed and manufactured for fast assembly and reliable performance. All Panduit terminals feature high-quality materials made with electrolytic copper for high conductivity and tin-plated for corrosion resistance. Need a place to keep your Panduit ring terminals, fork terminals, pin terminals, disconnects, ferrules, splices, and wire joints? Choose from an array of different-sized terminal kits, either empty with lots of compartments or pre-filled with a mix of our terminal supplies.






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