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Mitsubishi contactors are well known in the industry having a full range of motor starter products from the basic contactors to soft starters and variable speed drives. We at Factomart have combined the resources together here so that you can find the necessary information about the Mitsubishi contactors here helping you find the right contactors.

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Mitsubishi Magnetic Contactors Ranges

Mitsubishi Contactors consist of the followin:

  • SN series (S-N35 – S-N800)
  • ST series (S-T10– S-T800)

You can view more details from each range from the Mitsubishi brochure on the right.

The most popular and commonly used products are the SN and the ST series. More information about these two ranges below. You can check the price by contacting us or go to our e-commerce page here.

The MS-N series contactors by adopting a CAN terminal, there is no need to remove the screw. The front face of the product is a bright white color, making the inside of the panel brighter and providing a clean image. The MS-N series contactors can be installed on a mounting rail (35 mm width) and simple wiring. The contactor can be inspected easily by removing the arc cover. This series with built-in surge absorber for coils is obtainable as an option and with finger protection are safer and speedier.

The MS-N series contactors can be controlled by almost any type of relay, even small output relays of programmable controllers. Humming completely eliminated because DC excitation does not cause humming so operation is quiet. Less Noise nor Surge from Coil.

The ordering number starts with S-N and can be determined easily according to the rated current. e.g. S-N35, S-N50, ..., S-N65

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The MS-T or  S-T series was released since 2012. The S-T series smaller than S-N series by 7 mm. New integrated terminal covers, a terminal cover is included as standard in the contactor. Reduce your coil inventory by up to 50%.

The 14 types of operation coil ratings available with the SN Series have been halved to 8 types with that increasing the applicable voltage range. The finger protection function that complies with the DIN and VDE Standards. The MS-T Series' auxiliary contacts can operate with load as light as 20V 3mA making it suitable for direct control/operation from a PLC output.

The integrated terminal covers have an additional benefit in that they act as a guide to improve wiring efficiency but also retain the terminal screw in place: no mislaying the screw, no dropping it or having trouble reinserting it in to the terminal block just fast efficient wiring. Easy wiring is available for the new MS-T series by using the Motor Circuit Breaker and optional connection conductor unit.

The ordering number starts with S-T and can be determined easily according to the rated current. e.g. S-T10, S-T11, S-T12

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