S-T series

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  • MS-T series provide industries smallest general purpose Magnetic Contactor in its class, customers are able to more easily down-size their boards than ever before


  • New integrated terminal covers (for 10A to 50A frame) – a terminal cover is included as standard part in contactor
  • Reduce coil inventory by up to 50% (for 10A to 35A frame) – the 14 types of operation coil ratings available with the MS-N Series have been halved to 8 types with that increasing the applicable voltage range. Therefore, customers can reduce their inventory

Safety and Quality

  • Terminal cover with finger protection function (for 10A to 50A frame)
  • A light touch (for all framesize) – MS-T Series’ auxiliary contacts can operate with load as light as 20V 3mA making it suitable for direct control/operation from a PLC output.

Global Standards

  • Compiles with main International Standards : IEC, JIS, EN, TUV, GB, UL, CE, CCC

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1. Contactors




1.1 Non-Reversing Contactors - Direct On Line (DOL)

series KW HP Rated current (440Vac; AC-3) Auxiliary contacts Coil DC Voltage
24VAC 48VAC 100VAC 200VAC 300VAC 400VAC 500VAC
S-T10 4 5.5 9 1NO S-T10 AC24V S-T10 AC48V S-T10 AC100V S-T10 AC200V S-T10 AC300V S-T10 AC400V S-T10 AC500V
1NC S-T10 AC24V(1b) S-T10 AC48V(1b) S-T10 AC100V(1b) S-T10 AC200V(1b) S-T10 AC300V(1b) S-T10 AC400V(1b) S-T10 AC500V(1b)
S-T12 5.5 7.5 12 1NO+1NC S-T12 AC24V S-T12 AC48V S-T12 AC100V S-T12 AC200V S-T12 AC300V S-T12 AC400V S-T12 AC500V
2NO S-T12 AC24V(2a) S-T12 AC48V(2a) S-T12 AC100V(2a) S-T12 AC200V(2a) S-T12 AC300V(2a) S-T12 AC400V(2a) S-T12 AC500V(2a)
S-T20 7.5 10 18 1NO+1NC S-T20 AC24V S-T20 AC48V S-T20 AC100V S-T20 AC200V S-T20 AC300V S-T20 AC400V S-T20 AC500V
2NO S-T20 AC24V(2a) S-T20 AC48V(2a) S-T20 AC100V(2a) S-T20 AC200V(2a) S-T20 AC300V(2a) S-T20 AC400V(2a) S-T20 AC500V(2a)
S-T21 11 15 23 2NO+2NC S-T21 AC24V S-T21 AC48V S-T21 AC100V S-T21 AC200V S-T21 AC300V S-T21 AC400V S-T21 AC500V
S-T25 15 20 30 2NO+2NC S-T25 AC24V S-T25 AC48V S-T25 AC100V S-T25 AC200V S-T25 AC300V S-T25 AC400V S-T25 AC500V
S-T32 15 20 32 2NO+2NC S-T32 AC24V S-T32 AC48V S-T32 AC100V S-T32 AC200V S-T32 AC300V S-T32 AC400V S-T32 AC500V
S-T35 18.5 25 40 2NO+2NC S-T35 AC24V S-T35 AC48V S-T35 AC100V S-T35 AC200V S-T35 AC300V S-T35 AC400V S-T35 AC500V
S-T50 22 30 48 2NO+2NC S-T50 AC24V S-T50 AC48V S-T50 AC100V S-T50 AC200V S-T50 AC300V S-T50 AC400V S-T50 AC500V
S-T65 30 40 65 2NO+2NC S-T65 AC24V S-T65 AC48V S-T65 AC100V S-T65 AC200V S-T65 AC300V S-T65 AC400V S-T65 AC500V
S-T80 45 60 85 2NO+2NC S-T80 AC24V S-T80 AC48V S-T80 AC100V S-T80 AC200V S-T80 AC300V S-T80 AC400V S-T80 AC500V
S-T100 55 75 105 2NO+2NC S-T100 AC24V S-T100 AC48V S-T100 AC100V S-T100 AC200V S-T100 AC300V S-T100 AC400V S-T100 AC500V



DC Coil

series KW HP Rated current (440Vac; AC-3) Auxiliary contacts Coil DC Voltage
12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 100VDC 110VDC 125VDC 200VDC 220VDC
SD-T12 15 20 12 1NO+1NC SD-T12 DC12V SD-T12 DC24V SD-T12 DC48V SD-T12 DC100V SD-T12 DC110V SD-T12 DC125V SD-T12 DC200V SD-T12 DC220V
2NO SD-T12 DC12V(2a) SD-T12 DC24V(2a) SD-T12 DC48V(2a) SD-T12 DC100V(2a) SD-T12 DC110V(2a) SD-T12 DC125V(2a) SD-T12 DC200V(2a) SD-T12 DC220V(2a)
SD-T20 7.5 10 18 1NO+1NC SD-T20 DC12V SD-T20 DC24V SD-T20 DC48V SD-T20 DC100V SD-T20 DC110V SD-T20 DC125V SD-T20 DC200V SD-T20 DC220V
2NO SD-T20 DC12V(2a) SD-T20 DC24V(2a) SD-T20 DC48V(2a) SD-T20 DC100V(2a) SD-T20 DC110V(2a) SD-T20 DC125V(2a) SD-T20 DC200V(2a) SD-T20 DC220V(2a)
SD-T21 11 15 23 2NO+2NC SD-T21 DC12V SD-T21 DC24V SD-T21 DC48V SD-T21 DC100V SD-T21 DC110V SD-T21 DC125V SD-T21 DC200V SD-T21 DC220V
SD-T32 15 20 32 2NO+2NC SD-T32 DC12V SD-T32 DC24V SD-T32 DC48V SD-T32 DC100V SD-T32 DC110V SD-T32 DC125V SD-T32 DC200V SD-T32 DC220V
SD-T35 18.5 25 40 2NO+2NC SD-T35 DC12V SD-T35 DC24V SD-T35 DC48V SD-T35 DC100V SD-T35 DC110V SD-T35 DC125V SD-T35 DC200V SD-T35 DC220V
SD-T50 22 30 48 2NO+2NC SD-T50 DC12V SD-T50 DC24V SD-T50 DC48V SD-T50 DC100V SD-T50 DC110V SD-T50 DC125V SD-T50 DC200V SD-T50 DC220V
SD-T65 30 40 65 2NO+2NC SD-T65 DC12V SD-T65 DC24V SD-T65 DC48V SD-T65 DC100V SD-T65 DC110V SD-T65 DC125V SD-T65 DC200V SD-T65 DC220V
SD-T80 45 60 85 2NO+2NC SD-T80 DC12V SD-T80 DC24V SD-T80 DC48V SD-T80 DC100V SD-T80 DC110V SD-T80 DC125V SD-T80 DC200V SD-T80 DC220V
SD-T100 55 75 105 2NO+2NC SD-T100 DC12V SD-T100 DC24V SD-T100 DC48V SD-T100 DC100V SD-T100 DC110V SD-T100 DC125V SD-T100 DC200V SD-T100 DC220V
Add “BC” after the model name code
(e.g. S-T10 AC12V) for contactor with lug
(fast wiring terminal)
Lug (Fast wiring terminal) is applicable for:
S-T10 to S-T50 for AC operated contactor 9A S-T10BC
12A S-T12BC
18A S-T20BC
23A S-T21BC
30A S-T25BC
32A S-T32BC
40A S-T35BC
48A S-T50BC
SD-T12 to SD-T50 for DC operated contactor 9A
12A SD-T12BC
18A SD-T20BC
23A SD-T21BC
32A SD-T32BC
40A SD-T35BC
48A SD-T50BC
Add “CW” after the model name code
(e.g. S-T65CW AC24V)
for contactor with finger protection
terminal cover
Finger protection terminal cover is applicable for
S-T65 to S-T80 for AC operated contactor 65A S-T65CW
85A S-T80CW
SD-T65 to SD-T80 for DC operated contactor 65A SD-T65CW
85A SD-T80CW


Add “SA” after the model name code
(e.g. S-T10SA AC12V)
for contactor with surge absorber
(varistor type)
Surge absorber (varistor) is applicable for
S-T10 to S-T48 for AC operated contactor 9A S-T10SA
12A S-T12SA
18A S-T20SA
23A S-T21SA
30A S-T25SA
32A S-T32SA
40A S-T35SA
48A S-T50SA
SD-T12 to SD-T50 for DC operated contactor 9A
12A SD-T12SA
18A SD-T20SA
23A SD-T21SA
32A SD-T32SA
40A SD-T35SA
48A SD-T50SA


2. Optional parts and Accessories for contactors

2.1 Auxiliary contact blocks

Applicable for AC operated coils Applicable for DC operated coils
S-T10, S-T12, S-T20, S-T21, S-T25, S-T32,
SD-T12, SD-T20, SD-T21, SD-T32,
SD-T35, SD-T50
Specification / Function Contact arrangement Model
Twin contact (built-in 4-pole)
Front clip-on
4NO UT-AX4 4a
2NO+2NC UT-AX4 2a2b
3NO+1NC UT-AX4 3a1b
Twin contact (built-in 2 pole)
Front clip-on
2NO UT-AX2 2a
1NO+1NC UT-AX2 1a1b
2NC UT-AX2 2b
Twin contact (built-in 2 pole)
Side clip-on
1NO+1NC UT-AX11 1a1b

2.2 Mechanical interlocks

Combining it with two single Magnetic Contactors configures the reversing type. ML11 is the electrical interlock 2b contact built-in type.

Mounting  Side clip-on Model
Applicable for AC operated coils
S-T10 to S-T20
Applicable for DC operated coils
SD-T12 to SD-T20

2.3 Main circuit Surge Absorbers unit

Specification / Function : C+R delta connection

Mounting  Mounting on head Model
Applicable for AC operated coils
S-T10 to S-T20
SD-T12 to SD-T20
Applicable for DC operated coils
S-T21 to S-T32
SD-T21 to SD-T32

2.4 Main circuit conductor kit

Specification / Conductor unit used for reversible connection (6 conductors/set)

Applicable for AC operated coils Model
S-T10 UT-SD10
S-T12, S-T20 UT-SD20
S-T21, S-T25 UT-SD25


Applicable for DC operated coils Model
SD-T12, SD-T20 UT-SD20
SD-T21, SD-T25 UT-SD25


2.5 Operational coil surge absorber unit


Applicable for AC operated coils Applicable for DC operated coils
S-T10, S-T12, S-T20, S-T21, S-T25, S-T32, S-T35, S-T50 SD-T12, SD-T20, SD-T21, SD-T32, SD-T35, SD-T50


Specification / Function 24VAC 48VAC 200VAC 400VAC 200VAC 200VDC 200VAC 48VAC 200VAC
With varistor UT-SA21 AC24V UT-SA21 AC48V UT-SA21 AC200V UT-SA21 AC400V
With varistor + indicating LED UT-SA22 AC200V
With CR UT-SA13 DC200V UT-SA23 AC200V
With varistor + CR UT-SA25 AC48V UT-SA25 AC200V

2.6 DC/AC interface unit for coil

Mounting Applicable for AC operated coils
Top mounting S-T10, S-T12, S-T20, S-T21, S-T25, S-T32, S-T35, S-T50


No-contact output (Triac output) UT-SY21
Contact output (Relay output) UT-SY22