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Distribution Boards, also known as the sub-switchboard, are responsible for a particular area of the site. They perform the same 4 objectives as the Switchboard. They are as follow:

  1. Power Distribution to different areas of the site
  2. Provide Electrical Protection for the site
  3. Monitoring of Electricity Status and Quality
  4. Provide Backup Power to Prevent interruption of power for the key area.

You can read more about these functions in the Main Switchboard page.

As the Distribution Board are closer to the load they are designed to provide power to a particular area and consideration for the load in the area has to be taken. In a commercial office building, the loads are typically electronic equipment such as a computer or a telephone or lighting. In the Industry however they are more for machinery. The difference in load types causes the design of the Distribution board to be different. We will discuss them below.

Location of the Distribution Board

Specific Protection for a particular machine

Rise in Energy Meter for Energy Management

Motor Control Center for a particular system such as waste water pumps

Components inside a Distribution Board