The Ultimate Guide to a Contactor

///The Ultimate Guide to a Contactor
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Contactor is an essential equipment used mainly to start a 3 phase motor. Typically used together with an overload relay for added protection. Here we combined resources for the magnetic contactor together with product offering form reputable contactor manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, ABB, and Mitsubishi.

Sometime it is even confusing to look at the manufacturer’s website to find a particular piece of information. Take a look at the resources from Schneider Electric’s Contactors that we have collected here. Resources for TeSys D (LC1D) and it’s accessories here.

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Resources from ABB contactors for both series AF (AF09 – AF2650) and series A (A9 – A300). Complete with downloadable catalogs and price list

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Resources from Mitsubishi contactors for both series SN (S-N35 to S-N800) and ST (S-T10 – S-T800). Complete with downloadable catalogs and price list as well as the overload relay.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fuji Contactor Ranges


Resources from Fuji Electric contactors for series SC (SC03 – N16). Complete with downloadable catalogs and price list as well as the overload relay.

What is a Magnetic Contactor?

The magnetic contactor is an electrically controlled switch used for switching an electrical control power cirucit. The on-off of the contact uses magnetic force for to function. A typical use for the contactor is for the starting and stopping of a motor, air conditioning, or other type of machinery. The main components are the contactor core, coil, and the contact.

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Working principle of a Magnetic Contactor

When a current flow through the contactor coil it induces an electromagnetic force that overcomes the spring that is holding the contactor contact in place and move the contact to the ON position completing the power circuit. When there is no current passing through the coil then the spring pushes the contact back to the OFF position. Arcing can damage the contractor and so contactor is designed to open and close very quickly; usually with a tipping point mechanism.

Unlike a relay, contactors are designed to connect a higher current load above 15A. The contactors are usually designed to be normally open (NO) contact unlike the relays that are designed for both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) applications.

Useful Applications

The Beginner’s Guide to Wiring a Star-Delta Circuit

The Star-Delta circuit is one of the most common circuits used to start a motor. It can be confusing to wire up the circuit from just the circuit diagram. Here we have mapped them out to the real components and provide a step by step guide to wiring a simple star-delta circuit. 

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