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TeSys D (LC1D) magnetic contactors, from 9A to 150A (AC-3 at 440Vac)

A TeSys D contactor offers you quick simple setup, while maintaining a compact size of 45 (9 to 38A) and 55 mm (40 to 65 A) as well as compliance with international standards. From 40 to 65A versions are equipped with EverLink™, this patented terminal technology, ensures a permanent tightening quality even in the event of conductor creep.

Contactors and reversing contactors up to 150A for inductive motor and 250A for resistive loads

The LC1D is the most popular in the range and is used to start the 3-phase AC motor. Well known for its long life and the standard for both Coordination Type I and II. The contactor LC1D can be used with thermal overload relay LRD series for the Direct Online application.

If you are starting the motor using the Direct Online method we recommend that you use the contactor LC1D in combination with the MPCB (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker) series GV2. The combination of LC1D+GV2 does not need to include Overload Relay as it has the function built into the MPCB.

The LC1D contactor can be used with the motor having the maximum power of 75 kW. You can select from numerous coil rating such as AC220V (ending code M7) or the DC 24 V (ending code BD) for example. TeSys D can also be connected directly to the PLC, though you should the low power coil such as the ‘BL’ using DC 24V

Example ordering code of the series LC1D is the model LC1D09M7 which is a 9A contactor with the coil voltage of 220V AC (M7)

TeSys D (LC1D) 3 Pole Product Range

LC1D09 LC1D12 LC1D18 LC1D25 LC1D32 LC1D38 LC1D40A LC1D50A LC1D65A LC1D80 LC1D95 LC1D115 LC1D150

DC Voltage Coil

Series Motor size
Rate Current
(@440V up to)
Coil DC Voltage
kW Hp (AC-3) 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc 110Vdc 220Vdc
LC1D09 4 5.4 9 LC1D09JD LC1D09BD LC1D09ED LC1D09FD LC1D09MD
LC1D12 5.5 7.4 12 LC1D12JD LC1D12BD LC1D12ED LC1D12FD LC1D12MD
LC1D18 7.5 10 18 LC1D18JD LC1D18BD LC1D18ED LC1D18FD LC1D18MD
LC1D25 11 15 25 LC1D25JD LC1D25BD LC1D25ED LC1D25FD LC1D25MD
LC1D32 15 20 32 LC1D32JD LC1D32BD LC1D32ED LC1D32FD LC1D32MD
LC1D38 18.5 25 38 LC1D38JD LC1D38BD LC1D38ED LC1D38FD LC1D38MD
LC1D40A 18.5 25 40 LC1D40AJD LC1D40ABD LC1D40AED LC1D40AFD LC1D40AMD
LC1D80 37 50 80 LC1D80JD LC1D80BD LC1D80ED LC1D80FD LC1D80MD
LC1D95 45 60 95 LC1D95JD LC1D95BD LC1D95ED LC1D95FD LC1D95MD
LC1D115 55 75 115 LC1D115BD LC1D115ED LC1D115FD LC1D115MD
LC1D150 75 100 150 LC1D150BD LC1D150ED LC1D150FD LC1D150MD

AC Voltage Coil

Series Motor size
Rate Current
(@440V up to)
Coil AC Voltage (50/60Hz)
kW Hp (AC-3) 24Vac 48Vac 110Vac 220Vac 230Vac 400Vac
LC1D09 4 5.4 9 LC1D09B7 LC1D09E7 LC1D09F7 LC1D09M7 LC1D09P7 LC1D09V7
LC1D12 5.5 7.4 12 LC1D12B7 LC1D12E7 LC1D12F7 LC1D12M7 LC1D12P7 LC1D12V7
LC1D18 7.5 10 18 LC1D18B7 LC1D18E7 LC1D18F7 LC1D18M7 LC1D18P7 LC1D18V7
LC1D25 11 15 25 LC1D25B7 LC1D25E7 LC1D25F7 LC1D25M7 LC1D25P7 LC1D25V7
LC1D32 15 20 32 LC1D32B7 LC1D32E7 LC1D32F7 LC1D32M7 LC1D32P7 LC1D32V7
LC1D38 18.5 25 38 LC1D38B7 LC1D38E7 LC1D38F7 LC1D38M7 LC1D38P7 LC1D38V7
LC1D40A 18.5 25 40 LC1D40AB7 LC1D40AE7 LC1D40AF7 LC1D40AM7 LC1D40AP7 LC1D40AV7
LC1D50A 22 30 50 LC1D50AB7 LC1D50AE7 LC1D50AF7 LC1D50AM7 LC1D50AP7 LC1D50AV7
LC1D65A 30 40 65 LC1D65AB7 LC1D65AE7 LC1D65AF7 LC1D65AM7 LC1D65AP7 LC1D65AV7
LC1D80 37 50 80 LC1D80B7 LC1D80E7 LC1D80F7 LC1D80M7 LC1D80P7 LC1D80V7
LC1D95 45 60 95 LC1D95B7 LC1D95E7 LC1D95F7 LC1D95M7 LC1D95P7 LC1D95V7
LC1D115 55 75 115 LC1D115B7 LC1D115E7 LC1D115F7 LC1D115M7 LC1D115P7 LC1D115V7
LC1D150 75 100 150 LC1D150B7 LC1D150E7 LC1D150F7 LC1D150M7 LC1D150P7 LC1D150V7