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Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte. Ltd.


Lim Kim Hai Electric grew steadily over the past five decades based on the founder, the late Lim Kim Hai’s philosophy of providing quality service to all our customers, and his legacy still lives on in the continued success of the company.

Today, LKH philosophy broadly transformed into the distinctive capabilities of our loyal and empowered employees in building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners, supported by a well-established distribution network, and we further leveraged on the Group synergy in terms of combined markets, technical and management skills.

Collectively, we aim to become tomorrow’s excellent organization by making customer satisfaction our top priority.


We are committed to providing ”Safe & Save” electric solutions through partnership with stakeholders.


To be a leading electric solutions provider in Southeast Asia.

Core Values


We uphold honesty, practice good business ethics and comply with country laws and regulations at all times.
We develop individual and team character and virtue in the workplace, create and maintain a culture of integrity.


We take ownership and initiative; to drive continuous improvement, innovation, active contribution to professionalism.
We take pride in providing good quality of work and ensure that all our commitments are duly fulfilled.
We uphold service excellence and quality.


We embrace teamwork and establish customer partnership.
We work as a team harmoniously with respect and cultivating a strong relationship.
We believe in learning and communication to encourage new ideas and changes.



Lim Kim Hai Electric – 50 years of Dynamic Growth and Excellence

For almost five decades, we have evolved to become a professionally managed and forward-looking group with a single vision and distinctive capabilities.

1958 – Humble beginnings


Lim Kim Hai Electric Co began quietly and humbly when the late Mr. Lim Kim Hai opened a small store located at No. 22 Kelantan Road (off Sungei Road second-hand market) in the late 1940s. A migrant from Fujian Province in China, Mr. Lim arrived in Singapore with little more than hopes and dreams. But his journey to success was to begin slowly and steadily, as he found his niche and soon established a reputation of honesty, integrity, reliability and diligence for himself in the repairing and retailing of electrical products.  Displaying a keen sense for business, innovation and inter-personal relationships, he went on to win countless new partners and customers. With his small but growing business on track, he soon moved into new premises at No. 264 Jalan Besar in 1958, establishing Lim Kim Hai Electric Co as a sole proprietorship and specialising as a stockist and supplier of electrical equipment and accessories.  Business grew in leaps and bounds, and he soon expanded by acquiring the neighbouring unit of No. 262 Jalan Besar. Little did he foresee that the legacy of excellence in enterprise which begun in these humble premises was to one day culminate in a multi-million dollar, multinational company which is one of the leaders in its industry.

1972 – Business Expansion into Malaysia

Foreseeing new and exciting possibilities across the causeway, the company set up Lim Kim Hai Electric (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in Petaling Jaya, the new industrial town in Selangor, to serve its already large number of clients in Peninsular Malaysia as well as tap on more business opportunities offered by the growing Malaysian economy.

1978 – Leading Distribution Position in Singapore MarketMilestone_IMG_3

Since 1973, Lim Kim Hai Electric began a new and intensive phase of networking and securing of distribution rights for electrical products from international suppliers, being the authorised distributor and partner for a number of internationally renowned suppliers such as A. Marcott, Birmingham (a buying house in London, UK), Omron (Japan), Iwasaki (Japan), Nitto (Japan), PDL (New Zealand), Sea Coast Cable, Harvey Hubbell (USA), Thomas & Betts (USA), Legrand (France), Amcol (fluorescent lamps), New Asia Manufacturers (lamp fittings) and Grimwood Agency (Australia). The rented premises at No. 1 Kallang Junction became inadequate to service the increasing number of customers and the company proceeded to build its own premises with the acquisition of a 29,000 sq. ft. plot of land at No. 53 Kallang Place.

1979 – Lim Kim Hai BuildingMilestone_IMG_4

The Lim Kim Hai Building became fully operational in 1979 with modern facilities to service a clientele list of more than 2,000 and stock items of more than 7,000 items with computerised operations to facilitate inventory control, order processing and accounting procedures. Lim Kim Hai Electric Co. was one of many pioneer companies in Singapore to implement the system 10 ICL computer, considered one of the most advanced in its time.

1985 – Establishment of Precicon AutomationMilestone_IMG_5

In line with the government’s increased effort to promote industrial automation, Precicon Automation (S) Pte Ltd was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Lim Kim Hai Electric in 1985 to focus on the distribution of the Omron range  of automation components and system solutions to local industries.

1997 – Establishment of Distribution & ControlMilestone_IMG_6

In 1997, Distribution & Control Pte Ltd was set up in response to customers’ increasing need for a “one-stop” supplier of panel/switching control packages. This move was strongly in line with the company’s belief in achieving success by closely tracking the development and direction of the switchboards and panels market in which it operates.

1998 – 40th Year Anniversary & Joint Venture with EFI USAMilestone_IMG_7

In 1998, the Lim Kim Hai Group celebrated its 40 years of excellence in the distribution business with its customers, business partners, business associates and shareholders. During the year, Precicon Automation set up EFI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a joint venture company with EFI Corporation (USA). The new company would distribute power protection products and provide EMC solutions to the automation industry in local and overseas countries.

1999 – A Forward Looking Group

In 1999, Lim Kim Hai Group continued its journey of strategising for the growth and consolidation of its business units so as to achieve new heights of success, again and again:

  • LKH Power Distribution Pte Ltd was established to focus on the supply of building-related electrical products and the creation oMilestone_IMG_8f maintenance services for building projects in the commercial, industrial and infrastructure sectors.
  •  In April 1999, Lim Kim Hai Group embarked on a strategic Customer Care 2000 initiative in support of its sustainable growth plan toward Year 2000 and beyond. All staff underwent the Customer Care 2000 programme, which was planned and conducted at Singapore Service Quality Centre (SQ Centre) with the objective of developing a strong group culture of service excellence and aligning staff behaviour with the organisation’s customer care strategy.
  • In the same year, the Group acquired controlling shares in Vynco Industries (NZ) Limited. The company is New Zealand’s leading supplier of electrical enclosures, distribution and control equipment. The acquisition allowed the Group to leverage on overseas distribution competencies and add vibrancy to its business growth.


2000 – Winning The Top AwardMilestone_IMG_9

Precicon Automation (S) Pte Ltd added another excellent milestone within the Group by winning the prestigious Enterprise 50 award in 2000 for its excellence in business management and emphasis on knowledge management and innovative service. Lim Kim Hai Electric’s strive and fervour for business excellence was further recognised in the industry through winning the top award in Singapore SME500 2000/2001 for highest turnover.

2001 – Moving up the RanksMilestone_IMG_10

Precicon Automation (S) Pte Ltd received the prestigious Enterprise 50 award for a second consecutive year in 2001, moving up from the previous 48th ranking position in the Top 50 list to 34th position.

2002 – Continuing its award-winning spreeMilestone_IMG_11

Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte Ltd continued its award-winning spree, becoming listed amongst Singapore’s best: the top fifty, most enterprising, privately held companies in Singapore for Year 2002.

2003 – Merger, Integration, Consolidation

The corporate highlight of the year was the merger of the business operations of Distribution and Control Pte Ltd and Precicon Automation (S) Pte Ltd. To reflect the strength and focus of the new entity, Precicon Automation (S) Pte Ltd was renamed Precicon D&C Pte Ltd (PD&C). The strategic merger not only accelerated the growth of PD&C’s core business in industrial control and automation, but also strengthened Precicon’s drive to expand into the power protection and quality businesses. In May 2003, Lim Kim Hai Group was acquired by SESDAQ-listed Tai Sin Electric Cables Manufacturer Limited. The combined turnover of both entities exceeded S$100 million achieved through a network of manufacturing plants and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and New Zealand

2004 – Establishment of Vietnam Representative Office

To tap the myriad of opportunities offered by strong emerging markets in South-East Asia, LKH Power Distribution Pte Ltd set up its Vietnam representative office in September 2004 to identify new business opportunities and build new customer bases in the fast transforming country.

2005 – Establishment of PC2M Asia Pacific

In 2005 Precicon D&C Pte Ltd concluded a business agreement with EFI Electronics Corporation to fully acquire EFI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, renaming it PC2M Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. This enabled PC2M to further expand its power protection business in regional countries.

2006 – Establishment of Dubai Office

Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte Ltd opened its Dubai branch office in 2006 to expand its marketing presence in Dubai, UAE and to develop new channels and customers in the fast growing economies of the Middle East region.

2007 – Re-energising for the Future

This became a watershed year in the corporate development of the group. Following Tai Sin Electric Limited’s corporate restructuring and brand repositioning exercise, Lim Kim Hai Electric and its subsidiaries were redefined as the distribution cluster arm of Tai Sin Group. Coupled with Lim Kim Hai Electric’s strong distribution heritage, this move made the Tai Sin Group one of only a few electric solutions enterprises in the region to provide comprehensive manufacturing, distribution and technical services to support its customers in the industrial, infrastructure, commercial and residential sectors.

2008 – Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in the Distribution BusinessMilestone_IMG_12

In 2008, Lim Kim Hai Electric and its subsidiaries celebrate 50 years of excellence in the distribution business in Singapore. This golden jubilee is also an occasion for us to recall and rejoice in our 50 years of solid customer relationships, every one made memorable by the unfailing support and trust our customers and business partners have placed in us. At the same time, we pay special tribute to the founder, the late Mr. Lim Kim Hai and his philosophy of providing quality service to all our customers. His legacy lives on in the continued success of the organisation.


Lim Kim Hai Electric Co (S) Pte. Ltd.

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