About Factomart Singapore

From E-Commerce to a Marketplace

Having established a foothold in the industrial e-commerce market in Thailand. Factomart with the ambition of empowering the local distributors against the disruptive multinational distributors launched Factomart Industrial Product Marketplace to help the local distributors Digital Transform into the Online Channel

Providing a cost-effective solution to going onto the online channel without the hassle of creating their own E-Commerce website and driving their own traffic. Factomart lead generates inquiries for free and takes a small profit sharing commission in a win-win business model.

Factomart Singapore

Factomart Private Limited was registered in 2015 as a sourcing office. In 2017 Factomart Private Limited, partnering with Lim Kim Hai Electric is soft launching our publishing platform to provide good engineering contents to Singapore as well as setting up the Marketplace platform utilizing the tried and tested technology that is powering the marketplace in Thailand.