Cabinets, Racks & Enclosures

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When it comes to cabinets, thermal management, racks, and enclosures for data centers, telecommunications equipment rooms, and enterprise cabling applications, check out our comprehensive product offering, and find out how to reduce your energy consumption, enhance your network reliability, and optimize your space.

Cabinets, Racks & Enclosures

Cable Managers & Accessories

If you’re like most customers, your system never stops evolving as requirements grow and power demands change. Our comprehensive offering of vertical cable management, horizontal cable management, and rack solutions reduces the space required to route, manage, and protect high-cable capacities for every application, both current and future—plus they’re flexible and easily added as needed at the lowest installed cost.


Cable Managers


Cable Manager Accessories

Cabinets & Accessories

We know there’s only so much space in your data center. That’s why Panduit created one of the most energy-efficient data center cabinet systems available. Explore how to improve your data center energy efficiency while increasing kW-per-cabinet density, and select from a wide variety of accessories to match.




Cabinet Accessories


Pre-Configured Cabinets

Enclosures & Accessories

Rapidly deploy an Ethernet/IP network on the plant floor with a reliable, structured approach that reduces installation time and life-cycle costs. Panduit network zone systems optimize the physical layer for high network performance; accelerate deployments while reducing risk; enable easy, repeatable installations; provide flexibility with a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations.




Pre-Configured Enclosures


Enclosure Accessories

Thermal Management & Containment

The best method to prevent your energy costs from skyrocketing is to better govern and reduce your data center’s energy consumption. The complete solution from Panduit gives you that power. When you stay on top of your thermal management and energy efficiency, you also gain enhanced accessibility to your equipment and flexibility in protecting it.


Aisle Containment


Air Inlet & Exhaust Duct


Air Sealing Accessories


Vertical Exhaust Duct

Racks & Accessories

Designed for today’s larger network equipment, Panduit racks provide strength, capacity, and thermal features that help ensure network availability. The two-post and four-post rack thermal accessories provide proper heat dissipation for active equipment, improving network reliability.




Rack Accessories