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Ensure that you’re up to speed with today’s high–data rate fiber-channel and Ethernet applications. Panduit provides advanced bandwidth and mission-critical physical infrastructures with comprehensive fiber optic systems that deliver high performance, reliability, and scalability. Take advantage of our fiber optic cable, connectors, adapter modules, adapter panels, cassettes, enclosures, patch cords, cable assemblies, cable distribution products, and accessories.

Wire Termination

Bulk Fiber Optic Cable

Panduit offers a wide range of fiber optic cable, including indoor cable, indoor/outdoor cable, and outside plant cable. Indoor cable includes distribution, interlocking armored, interconnect zipcord, dielectric conduited fiber, polymer coated fiber, interconnect zipcord, and polymer coated fiber breakout. Indoor/Outdoor cable includes all dielectric loose tube fiber, polymer coated fiber breakout, all dielectric tight buffer fiber, interlocking armored loose tube fiber, and interlocking aluminum armored tight buffered fiber. Outside plant cable includes all dielectric and armored cable (CST).


Indoor Fiber Optic Cable


Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable


Outdoor Plant Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Adapters & Connectors

Panduit fiber optic adapters are offered both as loose-piece and keystone-compatible modules, providing a rugged solution for LANs, public networks, storage-area networks, and fiber-to-the-desk and industrial applications. Available in field polish and pre-polished models, our connectors make it easier and more reliable to connect fiber inside a control panel or difficult-to-reach area in a machine.


Fiber Optic Adapters


Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Trunk assemblies, breakout harnesses, patch cords, interconnects, and pigtails—all of your fiber optic cable assembly needs are met in full.


Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assemblies


Fiber Optic Interconnects, Patch Cords & Pigtails


Fiber Optic Breakout Harnesses

Fiber Optic Panels, Cassettes, & Enclosures

Designed to enhance any fiber optic system, no matter the configuration or application, the assortment of Panduit fiber optic panels, cassettes, and enclosures will fulfill your specific needs. Flat, angled, and unloaded panels are supplemented by cassettes accepting all fiber counts and core measurements, along with the proper enclosures for it all.


Fiber Optic Cassettes


Fiber Optic Enclosure Accessories


Fiber Optic Enclosures


Fiber Optic Panels

Fiber Optic Tools & Accessories

Complete your fiber optic system with the wide selection of Panduit fiber optic termination tools, including a termination tool with step-by-step visual guidance and calculated insertion loss for right-the-first-time terminations. In addition to fiber preparation tools and cleaning supplies, don’t forget cable strain relief modules, bend radius control clips, fiber enclosure locks, safety glasses, duplex clips, cable managers, and more.


Fiber Optic Accessories


Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies


Fiber Optic Termination Kits


Fiber Optic Tools