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How to select your High Bay Lighting

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Visit our 'Guide to High Bay Lighting' for more information and resources. There are a few types of fixtures to choose from when it comes to high ceilings and large areas. Some are better fits for lower ceilings

3M Electrical Tapes Selection Guide

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3M has been developing and manufacturing high performance, easy handling electrical tapes since the 1940s. The 3M Electrical Tapes range includes tapes for low and medium voltage insulating, colour coding, moisture sealing, padding, shaping, protective jacketing, bundling, and harnessing. Semi-conducting tape to reconstruct a medium voltage cable Track resistant tapes for terminations

Selecting the right Electrical Tapes for Harsh Environments

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This article is part of ‘The Guide to Electrical Tape’ Electricians may not be first responders—but you are ‘First Protectors.’ To keep our world running you need to face some harsh conditions and wiggle into some tight spaces–part physics professor, part craftsman, part acrobat. If you’re reading this paragraph, it’s because an electrician like

3M Mastic Electrical Tapes

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Comprehensive information about Electrical Tapes can be found in our 'Guide to Electrical Tapes' To know more about how to choosing a Mastic tape, please visit our article 'Mastic Electrical Tapes' There is a mastic for virtually every application. Mastic comes in tape and roll form and in a variety of thicknesses and

Mastic Electrical Tapes – Guide and How to select

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This article is part of ‘The Guide to Electrical Tape’ Putty on a roll. Or on a pad. The term “mastic” is widely used in the construction industry, especially by tile setters. Many electricians don’t realize that the gooey electrical tape they use to resist moisture is also a mastic. But this mastic rubber material

3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes

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3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes come in many standards, generally, there are 3 groups; the Premium range, the General Purpose range, and the Economy range. The Premium range is often used for the professional electrical work, whereas the General purpose is for minor non-critical repairs and the Economy for minor home use repairs. Comprehensive information about