ABB AX Contactors (AX09 – AX300)

//ABB AX Contactors (AX09 – AX300)
ABB AX Contactors (AX09 – AX300)2019-03-19T11:42:26+00:00

AX09…AX25 contactors are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors and power circuits up to 440 V AC.

These contactors are of the block type design with: – 3 main poles and 1 built-in auxiliary contact – control circuit: AC operated – add-on auxiliary contact blocks for front or side mounting and a wide range of accessories.


  • It’s quicker and easier to build DOL starters, reversing starters or star delta
  • ABB starters come with connection kits to make assembly simpler and faster. The kits save time on cable preparation and eliminate fitment and wiring error risks.
  • Designing contactor coils to them fit within their overall dimensions without additional space requirements.
  • Built-in and add-on auxiliary contacts provide reliable low signal contacts for 12 V 3 mA.
  • Protect control circuits and save space ABB’s AX range makes surge suppressors easy to snap on and connect.
  • A white contact carrier ensures the contactor state is visible at all times, even with accessories mounted.


  • Use in motor control system, or used to control machines
  • A montage switches motor function
  • Type 3-phase motor control


  • IEC 60947-4-1 and GB 14048-4

AX3-pole (3P) Contactors Selection Table

Coil                                                          AC-3 rated current at 440Vac
 1SBL901074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL911074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL911074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL911074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL911074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL321074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL321074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL321074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL321074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB  1SBL321074R8010 - แมกเนติกคอนแทคเตอร์ - ABB
VAC 50Hz VAC 60Hz 9A 12A 18A 25A 32A 40A 50A 65A 80A 95A
AX09-30-10-81 AX12-30-10-81 AX18-30-10-81 AX25-30-10-81 AX32-30-10-81 AX40-30-10-81 AX50-30-11-81 AX65-30-11-81 AX80-30-11-81 AX95-30-11-81
AX09-30-01-81 AX12-30-01-81 AX18-30-01-81 AX25-30-01-81 AX32-30-01-81 AX40-30-01-81        
AX09-30-10-83 AX12-30-10-83 AX18-30-10-83 AX25-30-10-83 AX32-30-10-83 AX40-30-10-83 AX50-30-11-83 AX65-30-11-83 AX80-30-11-83 AX95-30-11-83
AX09-30-01-83 AX12-30-01-83 AX18-30-01-83 AX25-30-01-83 AX32-30-01-83 AX40-30-01-83        
AX09-30-10-84 AX12-30-10-84 AX18-30-10-84 AX25-30-10-84 AX32-30-10-84 AX40-30-10-84 AX50-30-11-84 AX65-30-11-84 AX80-30-11-84 AX95-30-11-84
AX09-30-01-84 AX12-30-01-84 AX18-30-01-84 AX25-30-01-84 AX32-30-01-84 AX40-30-01-84        
AX09-30-10-36 AX12-30-10-36 AX18-30-10-36 AX25-30-10-36 AX32-30-10-36 AX40-30-10-36 AX50-30-11-36 AX65-30-11-36 AX80-30-11-36  
AX09-30-01-36 AX12-30-01-36 AX18-30-01-36 AX25-30-01-36 AX32-30-01-36 AX40-30-01-36        
AX09-30-10-80 AX12-30-10-80 AX18-30-10-80 AX25-30-10-80 AX32-30-10-80 AX40-30-10-80 AX50-30-11-80 AX65-30-11-80 AX80-30-11-80 AX95-30-11-80
AX09-30-01-80 AX12-30-01-80 AX18-30-01-80 AX25-30-01-80 AX32-30-01-80 AX40-30-01-80        
AX09-30-10-88 AX12-30-10-88 AX18-30-10-88 AX25-30-10-88 AX32-30-10-88 AX40-30-10-88 AX50-30-11-88 AX65-30-11-88 AX80-30-11-88 AX95-30-11-88
AX09-30-01-88 AX12-30-01-88 AX18-30-01-88 AX25-30-01-88 AX32-30-01-88 AX40-30-01-88        
AX09-30-10-85 AX12-30-10-85 AX18-30-10-85 AX25-30-10-85 AX32-30-10-85 AX40-30-10-85 AX50-30-11-85 AX65-30-11-85 AX80-30-11-85 AX95-30-11-85
AX09-30-01-85 AX12-30-01-85 AX18-30-01-85 AX25-30-01-85 AX32-30-01-85 AX40-30-01-85        
AX09-30-10-86 AX12-30-10-86 AX18-30-10-86 AX25-30-10-86 AX32-30-10-86 AX40-30-10-86 AX50-30-11-86 AX65-30-11-86 AX80-30-11-86 AX95-30-11-86
AX09-30-01-86 AX12-30-01-86 AX18-30-01-86 AX25-30-01-86 AX32-30-01-86 AX40-30-01-86