S-N series

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Incorporation of CAN terminal for simple wiring

  • By adopting a CAN terminal, there is no need to remove thescrews, and losing of the terminal screw is prevented by the integrated screw holder and terminal screw. The terminal screw is set in a plastic screw holder. When each pole is moved and the screw loosened, the screw is naturally set in the screw holder. This is Mitsubishi’s original CAN terminal. (Patented) (S-N10CX~N35CX, SD-N11CX~N35CX, SR/SRD-N4CX)

Unified design for N series

  • The design has been unified for the MS-N series.The front face of the product is a bright white color, making theinside of the panel brighter and providing a clean image.

Arc space reduced to approx. one-third!

  • By adopting the new extinguishing mechanism, the arcspace has been reduced to approx. 1/3 (Mitsubishicomparison).

Compatible with International Standards

  • Most of Mitsubishi’s standard products comply with InternationalStandards. Applicable standards: JIS, JEM, IEC, EN, VDE, BS Approved standards: UL, CSA, LR, BV, NK, KR, TÜV

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1NO , 1NC

1NO , 1NC





1. Contactors

1.1 Non-Reversing Contactors - Direct On Line (DOL)

Series KW HP Rated current (440Vac; AC-3) Coil AC Voltage
Auxiliary contacts 12VAC 24VAC 48VAC 220VAC 230VAC 380VAC 400VAC 440VAC
S-N10 4kW 5.5Hp 9 1NO S-N10 AC12V S-N10 AC24V S-N10 AC48V S-N10 AC220V S-N10 AC230V S-N10 AC380V S-N10 AC400V S-N10 AC440V
1NC S-N10 AC12V(1b) S-N10 AC24V(1b) S-N10 AC48V(1b) S-N10 AC220V(1b) S-N10 AC230V(1b) S-N10 AC380V(1b) S-N10 AC400V(1b) S-N10 AC440V(1b)
S-N11 5KW 7.5HP 12 1NO S-N11 AC12V S-N11 AC24V S-N11 AC48V S-N11 AC220V S-N11 AC230V S-N11 AC380V S-N11 AC400V S-N11 AC440V
1NC S-N11 AC12V(1b) S-N11 AC24V(1b) S-N11 AC48V(1b) S-N11 AC220V(1b) S-N11 AC230V(1b) S-N11 AC380V(1b) S-N11 AC400V(1b) S-N11 AC440V(1b)
S-N12  5.5KW  7.5HP  12 1NO+1NC S-N12 AC12V S-N12 AC24V S-N12 AC48V S-N12 AC220V S-N12 AC230V S-N12 AC380V S-N12 AC400V S-N12 AC440V
2NO S-N12 AC12V(2a) S-N12 AC24V(2a) S-N12 AC48V(2a) S-N12 AC220V(2a) S-N12 AC230V(2a) S-N12 AC380V(2a) S-N12 AC400V(2a) S-N12 AC440V(2a)
S-N18  7.5KW  10HP  16 S-N18 AC12V S-N18 AC24V S-N18 AC48V S-N18 AC220V S-N18 AC230V S-N18 AC380V S-N18 AC400V S-N18 AC440V
S-N20  11KW  15KW  22 1NO+1NC S-N20 AC12V S-N20 AC24V S-N20 AC48V S-N20 AC220V S-N20 AC230V S-N20 AC380V S-N20 AC400V S-N20 AC440V
2NO S-N20 AC12V(2a) S-N20 AC24V(2a) S-N20 AC48V(2a) S-N20 AC220V(2a) S-N20 AC230V(2a) S-N20 AC380V(2a) S-N20 AC400V(2a) S-N20 AC440V(2a)
S-N21  11KW  15HP  22 2NO+2NC S-N21 AC12V S-N21 AC24V S-N21 AC48V S-N21 AC220V S-N21 AC230V S-N21 AC380V S-N21 AC400V S-N21 AC440V
S-N25  15KW  20HP  30 2NO+2NC S-N25 AC12V S-N25 AC24V S-N25 AC48V S-N25 AC220V S-N25 AC230V S-N25 AC380V S-N25 AC400V S-N25 AC440V
S-N28  15KW  10HP  17 S-N28 AC12V S-N28 AC24V S-N28 AC48V S-N28 AC220V S-N28 AC230V S-N28 AC380V S-N28 AC400V S-N28 AC440V
S-N35  18.5KW  25HP  40 2NO+2NC S-N35 AC12V S-N35 AC24V S-N35 AC48V S-N35 AC220V S-N35 AC230V S-N35 AC380V S-N35 AC400V S-N35 AC440V
S-N38  15KW  20HP  32 S-N38 AC12V S-N38 AC24V S-N38 AC48V S-N38 AC220V S-N38 AC230V S-N38 AC380V S-N38 AC400V S-N38 AC440V
S-N48  18.5KW  25HP  40 S-N48 AC12V S-N48 AC24V S-N48 AC48V S-N48 AC220V S-N48 AC230V S-N48 AC380V S-N48 AC400V S-N48 AC440V










Series KW HP Rated current (440Vac; AC-3) Coil AC Voltage
Auxiliary contacts 24VAC 48VAC 100VAC 200VAC 300VAC 400VAC 500VAC
S-N50 22kW 30Hp 50 2NO+2NC S-N50AC24V S-N50 AC48V S-N50 AC100V S-N50 AC200V S-N50 AC300V S-N50 AC400V S-N50 AC500V
S-N65 30KW 40HP 65 2NO+2NC S-N65 AC24V S-N65 AC48V S-N65 AC100V S-N65 AC200V S-N65 AC300V S-N65 AC400V S-N65 AC500V
S-N85  45KW  60HP  85 2NO+2NC S-N80 AC24V S-N80 AC48V S-N80 AC100V S-N80 AC200V S-N80 AC300V S-N80 AC400V S-N80 AC500V
S-N105  55KW  75HP  105 2NO+2NC S-N95 AC24V S-N95 AC48V S-N95 AC100V S-N95 AC200V S-N95 AC300V S-N95 AC400V S-N95 AC500V
S-N120  60KW  80KW  120 2NO+2NC S-N125 AC24V S-N125 AC48V S-N125 AC100V S-N125 AC200V S-N125 AC300V S-N125 AC400V S-N125 AC500V
S-N150  75KW  100HP  150 2NO+2NC S-N150 AC24V S-N150 AC48V S-N150 AC100V S-N150 AC200V S-N150 AC300V S-N150 AC400V S-N150 AC500V
S-N180  90KW  125HP  180 2NO+2NC S-N180 AC100V S-N180 AC200V S-N180 AC300V S-N180 AC400V S-N180 AC500V
S-N125  132KW  180HP  125 2NO+2NC S-N220 AC100V S-N220 AC200V S-N220 AC300V S-N220 AC400V S-N220 AC500V
S-N300  160KW  210HP  300 2NO+2NC S-N300 AC100V S-N300 AC200V S-N300 AC300V S-N300 AC400V S-N300 AC500V
S-N400  220KW 300HP  400 2NO+2NC S-N400 AC100V S-N400 AC200V S-N400 AC300V S-N400 AC400V S-N400 AC500V
S-N630  330KW  450HP  630 2NO+2NC S-N600 AC100V S-N600 AC200V S-N600 AC300V S-N600 AC400V S-N600 AC500V
S-N800 440KW 600HP 800 2NO+2NC S-N800 AC12V S-N800 AC48V S-N800 AC100V S-N800 AC200V S-N800 AC300V S-N800 AC400V S-N800 AC500V












Series KW HP Rated current (440Vac; AC-3) Coil DC Voltage
Auxiliary contacts 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 110VDC 220VDC

55kW 73Hp 105 2NO+2NC SD-N95 DC12V SD-N95 DC24V SD-N95 DC48V SD-N95 DC110V SD-N95 DC220V

60KW 80HP 120 2NO+2NC SD-N125 DC12V SD-N125 DC24V SD-N125 DC48V SD-N125 DC110V SD-N125 DC220V
SD-N150  75KW  100HP  22 2NO+2NC SD-N150 DC12V SD-N150 DC24V SD-N150 DC48V SD-N150 DC110V SD-N150 DC220V
SD-N220  132KW  180HP  250 2NO+2NC SD-N220 DC12V SD-N220 DC24V SD-N220 DC48V SD-N220 DC110V SD-N220 DC220V
SD-N300  160KW  210HP  300 2NO+2NC SD-N300 DC12V SD-N300 DC24V SD-N300 DC48V SD-N300 DC110V SD-N300 DC220V
SD-N400  220KW  300HP 400 2NO+2NC SD-N400 DC12V SD-N400 DC24V SD-N400 DC48V SD-N400 DC110V SD-N400 DC220V
 330KW  450HP 630 2NO+2NC SD-N600 DC24V SD-N600 DC48V SD-N600 DC110V SD-N600 DC220V
SD-N800 440KW 600HP 800 2NO+2NC SD-N800 DC24V SD-N800 DC48V SD-N800 DC110V SD-N800 DC220V

2. Optional parts and Accessories for contactors

2.1 Replacement coil

2.2 Replacement contact kits

Kits of main contacts for contactors

– Kit consists of 3 moving contacts and 6 stationary contacts (include springs and spring supports also)

Applicable for AC operated coil



Applicable for DC operated coil




SN10(CX), SN11(CX), SN12(CX) BH719N300 SDN11(CX), SD-N12(CX) BH719N300
S-N18(CX) BH729N300
S-N20(CX), S-N21(CX) BH739N300 SD-N21(CX) BH739N300
S-N25(CX) BH749N300
S-N35(CX) BH749N303 SD-N35(CX) BH749N301
S-N50(CX) BH759N300 SD-N50 BH759N302
S-N65(CX) BH759N301 SD-N65 BH759N303
S-N80 BH769N300 SD-N80 BH769N302
S-N95 BH769N301 SD-N95 BH769N303
S-N125 BH779N300 SD-N125 BH779N301
S-N150 BH789N300 SD-N150 BH789N300
S-N180 BH799N300
S-N220 BH799N301 S-N220 BH799N301
S-N300 BH609N300 S-N300 BH609N300
S-N400 BH609N301 S-N400 BH609N301
S-N600 BH619N300 S-N600 BH619N300
S-N800 BH619N301 S-N800 BH619N301

Kits of auxiliary contacts for contactors

Applicable for AC
operated coils


Applicable for DC operated coils



Contact arrangement




S-N10(CX), S-N11(CX) SD-N11(CX) 1NO BH719N310
1NC BH719N311
S-N12(CX) SD-N12(CX) 1NO+1NC BH729N310
S-N20(CX) 1NO+1NC BH739N310
S-N21(CX) to S-N35(CX) SD-N21(CX) to SD-N35(CX) 2NO+2NC BH739N311
S-N50(CX) to S-N95 SD-N50 to SD-N95 2NO+2NC BH539N315
S-N125 SD-N125 2NO+2NC BH579N312

2.3 Auxiliary contact blocks

Front clip-on mounting

– maximum 1 pc of auxiliary contact block can be mounted

Applicable for AC
operated coils
Model Applicable for DC
operated coils
2NO UN-AX2(CX)2A SD-N11(CX), SD-N12(CX), SD-N21(CX), SD-N35(CX), SD-N50, SD-N65 2NO+2NC UN-AX4(CX)2A2B
S-N20(CX), S-N21(CX),
S-N35(CX), S-N18(CX),
S-N38(CX),S-N48(CX), SN-50(CX) 4NO UN-AX4(CX)4A
S-N65(CX) 3NO+1NC UN-AX4(CX)3A1B

Side clip-on mounting

– maximum 2 pcs of auxiliary contact block can be mounted
Applicable for AC
operated coils
Applicable for DC
operated coils
Contact arrangement Model
S-N10(CX), S-N11(CX), SN20(CX),
S-N21(CX), S-N25(CX), SN35(CX),
S-N50(CX), S-N65(CX)
SD-N11(CX), SD-N21(CX),
SD-N35(CX), SD-N50, SD-N60
S-N80, S-N95, S-N125 SD-N80, SD-N95, SD-N125 1NO+1NC UN-AX80
S-N150, S-N220, S-N300,
S-N400, S-N180
SD-N150, SD-N220,
SD-N300, SD-N400, SD-N180
1NO+1NC UN-AX150
S-N600, S-N800 SD-N600, SD-N800 2NO+2NC UN-AX600

2.4 Mechanical interlocks

Applicable for AC
operated coils
Applicable for DC
operated coils
S-N10(CX), S-N11(CX) SD-N11(CX) UN-ML11(CX)
S-N20(CX) to S-N65(CX) SD-N21(CX), SD-N35(CX),
SD-N50, SD-N65
S-N80, S-N95, S-N125 SD-N80, SD-N95,
S-N150 SD-N150 UN-ML150
S-N180, S-N220, S-N300, S-N400 SD-N220, SD-N300,

2.5 Surge Absorbers

Applicable for AC
operated coils
Applicable for DC
operated coils
Control voltage Model
Varistor type S-N10 to S-N48 SD-N11, SD-N12, SD-N21, SD-N35 AC24-240V / DC24-250V UN-SA21 AC200V
AC200-480V UN-SA21 AC400V
Varistor type with operating indicator (LED) S-N10 to S-N48 SD-N11, SD-N12, SD-N21, SD-N35 AC50-240V / DC60-250V UN-SA22 AC200V
Varistor and CR type S-N10 to S-N48 SD-N11, SD-N12, SD-N21, SD-N35 AC24-50V / DC24-60V UN-SA25 AC48V
AC100-240V / DC100-250V UN-SA25 AC200V
CR type S-N10 to S-N48 SD-N11, SD-N12, SD-N21, SD-N35 AC24-240V UN-SA23 AC200V
DC24-250V   UN-SA13 DC200V

2.6 Terminal cover for contactors

Applicable for AC
operated coils
Applicable for
DC operated coils
S-N50, S-N65 SD-N50, SD-N65 UN-CZ500
S-N80, S-N95 SD-N80, SD-N95 UN-CZ800
S-N125 SD-N125 UN-CZ1250
S-N150 SD-N150 UN-CZ1500
S-N180, S-N220 SD-N220 UN-CZ2200
S-N300, S-N400 SD-N300, SD-N400 UN-CZ3000

2.7 Pneumatic time delay modules

Applicable for AC operated coils Applicable for DC operated coils: Model
S-N11(CX) SD-N11(CX)
S-N12(CX) SD-N12(CX)

2.8 DC Interfaces modules

Direct mounting contactor

Separate mounting

Specification / Function
Applicable for AC operated coils Solid state output Relay output
S-N10(CX) to S-N48(CX) UN-SY21(CX) UN-SY22(CX)
S-N50, S-N65 UN-SY31 UN-SY32
S-N80 to S-N400 UN-SY11 UN-SY12