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Used as a switch to start a motor with the direct-online or the star-delta configuration.

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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers that are specially designed to protect motors. Some models have built-in overload relay protection.

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Overload relays

An overcurrent protection device that is regularly used together with a contactor for the protection of a motor.

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An electronic control device used to control the motor speed and torque.

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Soft Starter

An electronic device that is used to start a motor instead of the traditional contactor (star-delta configuration). Designed to resolve the issue of high starting current when starting a motor.

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Motor Control Accessories

Accessories for products that are used in the motor control application. e.g. contactor coils and extra auxiliary contact.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Wiring a Star-Delta Circuit

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The Star-Delta circuit is one of the most common circuits used to start a motor. It can be confusing to wire up the circuit from just the circuit diagram. Here we have mapped them out to the real components and provide a step by step guide to wiring a simple star-delta circuit.